VISA Information

VISA support application deadline: October 11, 2018 Closed

A valid passport is required to enter Japan. Participants from certain countries may be required to obtain a visa to enter Japan. If you are uncertain about your requirements, please consult your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate, or visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan ( ).

( 1 ) Before your inquiry, you should complete registration and payment to the conference, and book your air ticket and your accommodation.

( 2 ) Please fill in registration id and please contact registration support (JBE Inc. Toshikazu Fukushima (info @

( 3 ) Please include the following information in your request.
- Your postal address and phone number where documents should be sent to.
- Names and Job titles of all visa applicants.

( 4 ) For non-conference participants, we do not issue documents for your visa application.
Our support does not guarantee to permit your travel by our issued documents.

Contact : Registration support, JBE Inc. Toshikazu Fukushima (info @

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