Presentation instruction


We would like to ask you to upload your presentation files in pptx, keynote, or PDF in advance for the smooth progress of the symposium. We will use a MacOS X laptop to project the files to the screen for all presentations. We would appreciate Windows users to take this restriction into account in your preparation and to check if your file is correctly projected to the screen before your presentation. If you have a special request to use your own PC or any other queries, please contact us:

To upload your slides, please follow instructions below.

For "oral" presentations, please upload your files at
Please adhere to the filename format:
where X denotes the day number (1, 2, ..., and 5).
For example, if your presentation is scheduled on Day 5 p.m., please use
the filename

The deadline for the file upload is half a day before your presentation.



The poster size is restricted by the size of the poster holding boards which can hold a poster up to A0 in portrait.

1 min. presentation

You will have a 1 min. presentation on Monday or Tuesday to advertize your poster just before the poster session/break. The grouping is listed in the bottom of this page. In addition, we will have the best poster award presentation on Thursday afternoon. The awarded person will be informed in the Wednesday afternoon.

We would like to collect your 1 min. presentation files only in the PDF format. Please upload your PDF slides at adhere to the filename format: PS[X]_FAMILYNAME_FIRSTNAME.pdf,
where X denotes the poster session number (1, 2, and 3).
For example, if your presentation is scheduled on the 2nd poster session, please use the filename PS2_HASHIMOTO_TAKUYA.pdf

The deadline is the end of Sunday 11th.

Poster 1 min. presentation grouping:

PS1 (Monday afternoon)

02: Andrew John Battisti
03: Mederic Boquien
04: Roberto De Propris
05: Fumi Egusa
06: Lulu Fan
07: Yutaka Fujita
08: Yanxin Guo
09: Fu Jian
10: Xiaoyu Kang
11: Arisa Kida
12: Eunbin Kim
13: Helen Kyung Kim
14: Seong-Jin Kim
15: Minju Lee


PS2 (Tuesday morning)

16: Kai-yang Lin
17: Yuichi Matsuda
18: Ken Mawatari
19: Hiroto Mitani
20: Kentaro Nagamine
21: Akatoki Noboriguchi
22: Shoji Ogawa
23: Kazuyuki Ogura
24: Swayamtrupta Panda
25: Raphael Sadoun
26: Kei Sano
27: Hiroshi Shibai
28: Ankit Singh
29: Marzena Sniegowska
30: Mimi Song


PS3 (Tuesday afternoon)

31: Yihan Song
32: Yuma Sugahara
33: Kaho Sunaga
34: Koyo Suzuki
35: Tsutomu T. Takeuchi
36: Atsushi Tanimoto
37: Yasunori Terao
38: Mônica Tergolina
39: Etsuko UJIKE
40: Mengxin Wang
41: Wei-Chen Wang
42: Satoshi Yamada
43: Satoshi Yamanaka
44: Takuji Yamashita


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