Public event

Special lecture for high school students: 


"Try to be astronomer and to be the No.1 in the Universe!"

Sunday November 11th

13:00 Open, 13:30 Start, 15:30 End

Osaka Sangyo University, Umeda Satellite Campus

Osaka Ekimae 3rd Building, 19th Floor


Lecture 1 by Prof. Sachiko Okumura (Japan Women's University)

"Cosmic mystery revealed with the world cutting-edge radio telescope, ALMA"


Lecture 2 by Prof. Denis Burgarella (Université d'Aix-Marseille)

"Looking for light from the most distant stars from the Earth"


Panel discussion "Astronomers' everyday life and career paths"

with Profs. Sachiko Okumura and Denis Burgarella, 

Dr. Tomohiro Yoshikawa (Kyoto Niji-Koubo) and 

Mrs. Natsuki Hayatsu (U. Tokyo/ESO)


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